Shubha Mudgal & Bombay Jayashri - Live in Dubai 2018

Shubha Mudgal & Bombay Jayashri - Live in Dubai 2018

26 Oct 20:00 - 22:00 - Dubai
Emirates NBD Classics


Emirates NBD بنك الإمارات دبي الوطني proudly presents Classical JUGALBANDI for the first time in Dubai.

A jugalbandi or jugalbandhi is a performance in Indian classical music, especially in Hindustani classical music, that features a duet of two solo musicians. The word jugalbandi means, literally, "entwined twins." The duet can be either vocal or instrumental. Often, the musicians will play different instruments

Know your Artists : Shubha Mudgal & Bombay Jayshree

Born into a musically dedicated family, Shubha Mudgal has been trained by some of the finest musicians and musicologists in India. Trained by eminent scholar-musician-composer Pandit Ramashreya Jha “Ramrang”, she also received guidance from Pandit Vinaya Chandra Maudgalya and Pandit Vasant Thakar. She later learnt stylistic techniques from well-known maestros Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki and Pandit Kumar Gandharva. She also received training in thumri from Smt. Naina Devi and is thus a versatile and popular performer.

In addition to being a performer, Shubha has also won recognition as a composer. She is the recipient of numerous timesawards, including the Padma Shri from the Government of India in the year 2000, and the Gold Plaque Award for Special Achievement in Music at the 34th Chicago International Film Festival, 1998, and the Yash Bharati Samman from the Government of Uttar Pradesh in 2015.

She has also been closely involved with several projects related toto music education in India. Formerly a member of the Central Advisory Board of Education constituted by the Government of India, Shubha also chaired a focus group discussing the need for introducing an arts education program in mainstream school education during the National Curriculum Framework 2005. Shubha Mudgal was also a Nana Shirgaokar Visiting Research Professor for traditional music at Goa University.

Bombay Jayashri, the award winning vocalist, composer and teacher of music was born to a family of five generations of musicians, and entered into a life steeped in music.

Under her gurus, TR Balamani and Lalgudi Jayaraman, she trained in Carnatic music and imbibed the nuances of melody. Jayashri also trained in Hindustani music under Mahavir Jaipurvale and Ajay Pohankar.
Bombay Jayashri has performed at festivals and concerts in more than 35 countries. Her compositions amalgamate classical Carnatic music with our rich legacy in literature and other art forms. She believes in experimenting and collaborating between different genres and various forms, diving into both World Music, and the music of film soundtracks of India.

Jayashri’s experiences with the power of music have motivated her to start Hitham, a foundation which works to share music with autistic children; exploring the therapeutic value of music in the lives of special children. Through Hitham, Jayashri facilitates and conducts music classes for children in rural areas of Tamil Nadu. Today, Jayashri composes, performs, writes and teaches music, expanding a modern understanding of our common heritage of music.

Enjoy never before seen performance of the 2 legends side by side – only at the Season 7 Emirates NBD Classics.

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Emirates NBD بنك الإمارات دبي الوطني proudly presents Classical JUGALBANDI for the first time in Dubai. A jugalbandi or jugalbandhi is a performance in Indian classical music...   More info

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