Thetahealing - Free Yourself from addictions, attachments & vows

Thetahealing - Free Yourself from addictions, attachments & vows

26 Oct 10:00 - 29 Oct 17:00 - Dubai
Novotel Dubai Al Barsha

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Thetahealing: Free Yourself From Addictions, attachments and Vows - Elective Course approved by THInK

Facilitated by: Goran Karna

Prerequisites: Basic + Advanced

This course is being taught for the 1st time in the Middle East

About the Course:

When one mentions the word addiction, the first association is generally an addiction to certain substances such as alcohol, nicotine or drugs. But there are other kinds of addictions that we are not aware of at first glance, for example, addiction to certain feelings, addiction to success, work, money, conflicts, addiction to praise, exercise, facebook, etc.

Do you know that when we are addicted, we are not free, we are conditioned by something or someone we are addicted to?
Would you like to liberate yourself from it and be free?
Would you like to know the difference between addiction and love, fear, feeling of guilt...?
Would you like to know how to heal people from addictions and help them to change their life?

Would you like to find out which programs are stored in your chakras that are blocking their proper functioning and how to open your chakras to their full capacity or which feelings causing your brain chemicals to be unbalanced. If our brain chemicals and their receptors are not in balance, we can be prone to many disorders and diseases, such as ADHD, obsessive behavior, PMS, depression and even cancer and other diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's disease, bipolar disorder, etc.

Do you know reason why our aura picks up various negative energies and vibrations and how to make our aura much stronger? Would you like to find out how to minimize losing our energy and soul fragments and stop giving them to others unnecessarily?

There are many positive meanings of attachment but we will use the yogic meaning in the sense that attachments are obstacles in the spiritual growth.
What does it mean in yogic practice to be attached to someone or something? It means that we do not know who we are without it, and we often cannot imagine our lives without the thing or a person we are attached to.

Also, the attachment does not allow new, fresh energies to enter our lives.
Attachment can be a limited form of communication, business or partner relationship, or spiritual development. The fact is that we can also be spiritually attached, as well as emotionally and mentally, not just to material things or people, but also to things like planes of existence, secret teachings or societies of the Fourth and the Fifth Planes of Existence, our soul family, the pain and suffering of our parents, nation, ancestors, ...

Vows, commitments, contracts, agreements, promises, obligations, bans and oaths follow us from one life to another whether we like it or not, and we are very rarely, during our evolution, given a chance to get rid of them.
The fact is that we do not even know how many vows and commitments we have made (or have taken over from others – our mother, father, ancestors, nation, soul family, ...), nor are we aware of the burden that we carry on the history level, soul level and even the genetic and core levels.
This workshop is a modest contribution to freeing ourselves from all these constraints and broadening our consciousness.

About Goran Karna:

Goran Karna - ThetaHealing® Master & Certificate of Science
Goran Karna is a Representative and Administrator of ThetaHealing® (ThetaHealing® United World Wide) of Croatia and Serbia. He is qualified at the highest level in Theta Healing® Teacher Training, with a Certificate In The Science of Theta Healing®.
Goran has a Bachelor Degree in Philosophy and History of Art from the University of Zadar, Croatia. He also has a Diploma in Natural Therapies in Homoeopathy from Health Schools Australia. Goran studied Vibrational Healing in India and also has a Diploma in Yumeiho, Traditional Chinese and Japanese Massage, from Masayuki Saionji's International Institute for Practice of Preventive Medicine.
From the age of 16 Goran has been searching for Truth, seeking purpose and meaning in life. This quest prompted him to study Eastern and Western mystics, philosophy, art, different healing modalities and to undertake pilgrimages to holy places.
In 2002. Goran met Vianna in Cairns, Australia. He had a life crisis at that time and Vianna helped him to find balance in his mind and body. Goran became a ThetaHealing™ instructor in 2003 and so far has held more than 300 seminars and workshops. In his Theta practice he has witnessed healings of cancer, viral and bacterial diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, broken bones, addictions, diabetes, high blood pressure and many more (for examples of healings please enter Testimonials about Healings). Goran observed people becoming happier, healthier, more content and successful after changing their core beliefs. He realised that miracles do happen and they happen very often in Theta world.

He believes that the Power of Theta Healing® comes from the Source, or God Himself. The techniques given to access that Power are simple, easy to learn and accessible to all regardless of age, gender, religion or educational background. Goran is honoured to bring this sacred teaching to his students and clients.


Oct 26, 27, 28, 29 2018: 10am to 5pm

Total Course Fee: AED 4800

Host Fees: AED 1700 (to register and book your seat, non refundable and deductible from total fee). Payable to Elias Kanakri
Early Bird Host Fees: AED 1400 (if registered before June 1st)

Goran Karna Course Fees: AED 3100 (Payable via PayPal)

Included: Daily Lunch + 2 coffee breaks + Certificate and Manual

For registrations:

Elias Kanakri: + 971 50 8574676

Goran Karna:

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