Mt Ararat and Mt Kasbegi: Double Summits

Mt Ararat and Mt Kasbegi: Double Summits

26 Jul 19:00 - 06 Aug 22:00 - Dubai
UAE Trekkers


Mt Ararat is OPEN for climbing this summer!

Mt Kasbek:
This is a semi -technical climb that is mostly trekking but the summit has snow, so you will need to have a few skills, which you will learn on the mountain. You will actually only spend 4 of these days climbing!

Its a comfortable trek as well, staying in huts (not tents) throughout the trek, even on Summit night. This is a great first altitude experience, basically, taking the place of Mt Ararat in Turkey, which was a standard feature in our summer program.

Mount Kazbeği Volcano - 5047 meters, The highest peak of Georgia.


RSVP is an expression of interest, the trip is only confirmed once we have received deposits of 1000 dh. Full payments due 60 days prior to departure. Once you join the trip, you will get discounts on all of the training hikes.

We reserve the right to cancel the trek if we have only RSVP's and no communications or money to back them up. We're not a travel agency, we use 'groups' to get good deals, and pass the savings onto you. Our prices are lower than what you can get on your own. And its also more fun to know who you are going to climb with!

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